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Yule Tide Terrors.

Celebrate the Darker side of the Christmas Season as we join Krampus, stalking through the snow to find all those who have been bad, or celebrate Christmas Eve with The Ghosts Of Christmas Past. Join the Undead as they Celebrate The Christmas Season in A Sinister Noel.       If you like your Christmas with a touch of the Spooky, then this album is for you. Make Merry with all the Yule Tide Terrors.




 Ravenson Mansion What We Leave Behind.

Henry Ravenson, son of Andrew, is the last male heir of the Ravenson family name. With the mansion now nothing but a burnt out shell. Henry decides to demolish the ruins. His plan : to build a fairground on the now vacant land and turn this once feared spot into a place of fun and laughter. He believes that tales of curses and ghosts are nothing but superstitious nonsense, However the demonic entity still residing in the very foundations of the ruins has other plans and it has set it’s sights on the sole surviving Ravenson.

  Ravenson Mansion What We Leave Behind novella is available here


Ravenson Mansion Family Legacies

Douglas Ravenson, Grandson of Tobias, has made a promise to his Father, Patrick. He will destroy Ravenson Mansion to end the curse the property has brought to the Ravenson name. However after viditing the property in person, he becomes conflicted on what the best course of action should be. To carry out his Fathers wishes or to keep the property. When he and his brother Andrew, stay the night in the old mansion, it is far from uneventful. Now with their minds made up, the brothers decide destroying the house is the only way to be free of the curse. But life is never that simple and the demon inhabiting the property has Its own ideas.

   The Ravenson Mansion Family Legacies novella is available now : here


   Ravenson Mansion Dark Secrets

When Tobias Ravenson is left a mysterious property in his Father’s will, He can’t understand why the beautiful Mansion has stood empty for so many years? Tobias decides to Renovate the house and moves his family in, then the terror begins.

This is the first album in the Ravenson Mansion Trilogy.

Each album will be accompanied by a novella of the same name.

The Ravenson Mansion Dark Secrets Novella is available on Amazon Kindle.

Cemetery of the damned

                      Somewhere in the old world, there exists a cemetery hidden from view. Set on unconsecrated ground and surrounded by empty barren fields. This is the final resting place of the unspeakably evil and vile. It is filled with the souls of the Cursed and Damned…

This is Our Darkest Album yet.


all hallows eve

Spooky Halloween album. This new album contains 12 Tracks of Terror. Each track tells its own mini-story of an urban legend, Halloween Horror, or some other spooky entity. Meet Creatures like Bloody Mary, The Headless Horseman, The Bogeyman and more…

Our Scariest album yet, listen to it with the lights on!!!


Haunted Asylum

The Haunted Asylum has 18 tracks and is a little darker than The House in the Fog.  The album revolves around the concept of some teenagers breaking into the old abandoned asylum on a dare to spend the night. However, they stumble upon more than they bargained for.

The House in the Fog

         The album revolves around our hero/heroine getting lost while hiking all alone. As they try to find their way back home, darkness falls and a thick fog roll in..  They see a light in the distance and head toward it, only to find the house in the fog and the terrors that await them within…



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